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Career Solutions Community provides professional assistance to individuals in employment transition through the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant.

“The Community” represents an alignment of local, state & federal agencies, academic institutions and community organizations with the purpose to assist individuals in making career and employment decisions for their sustainable success.

Professional assistance is provided for small groups or by appointment to individuals.  To make an appointment call (270) 534-3914.



Public Notice

To Interested Business, Labor Organizations and Interested Citizens:

As required, under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, a transitional local one-year Program Year 2016 local plan must be developed by the West Kentucky Workforce Board and the Chief Elected Officials.  This plan is an abbreviated transitional plan to discuss WIOA youth, adult and dislocated worker services along with the Career Center System.

The WKWB is formally opening a 15 day comment period for anyone that wishes to read the plan and make comments. The final day that comments will be received is July 1, 2016.

The plan is posted on the following website for review:  www.wkworkforce.work. All comments must be submitted in writing to:  cindy.massie@ky.gov with the commentor’s contact information listed on the comment.


United States Department of Labor funding awarded to

West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board  

The West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board received more than $4.5 million dollars from a national emergency grant to help retrain employees displaced by the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant’s ongoing closure and cleanup.

Governor Steve Beshear met with state officials at West Kentucky Community and Technical College for Friday morning’s ceremony.

Those funds go toward the WKWIB’s Dislocated Worker Retraining program to help employees and their spouses get back into the workforce; WKCTC will help provide that training.

The grant had first been announced in January, but recent winter weather postponed formal proceedings to March.

Career Solutions Community extends offerings to spouses of displaced workers

Are you a former employee of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant or spouse of a PGDP employee? Career Solutions Community has options for you and your spouse. Employees, subcontractors and their spouses may qualify for free training! For more information on job and training opportunities visit call (270) 534-3914.



The U.S Department of Labor announces $4.5 million

grant to assist employees of PGDP

The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a $4,598,681 National Emergency Grant for the West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board (WKWIB) to assist workers and their families impacted by the closing of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant (PGDP).

Sheila Clark, West Kentucky Workforce Investment Board Director, stated “The grant will enhance our services to individuals and positively impact the economy by enhancing and showcasing the skills of this competitive workforce.  This award was possible because of the support of our regional partnerships, collaborating agencies, and the continuing supportive efforts of Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative Ed Whitfield, along with Senator Rand Paul.”

“We need skilled workers in western Kentucky and this is the opportunity we have been waiting for with training dollars,” said Dr. Barbara Veazey, President of West Kentucky Community and Technical College. The college will assist in providing training for the grant. “With this grant, workers and families in our community will be able to earn a certificate or a degree to make a better living for themselves or their families if they make the choice to step out and take advantage of this funding and go to college. We have the people to guide them in the process and get them started, so this is an important announcement.”

The grant awarded to WKWIB will expand offerings to former employees of the PGDP and will provide training for their spouses. “Workforce Development is the #1 issue in economic development. This grant will allow us to continue our path forward giving our citizens the opportunity for employment in growth sector industries in our community,” said Scott Darnell, President of Paducah Economic Development.

Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization (PACRO) stated that the PGDP provided high paying jobs for decades in this region. “This grant will allow us to transition those skill sets and opportunities to create a stronger economy and employment opportunities in the PACRO Region, “ as noted by a PACRO official.

Of the $4,598,681 announced today, $2,170,658 will be released initially. Additional funding up to the amount approved will be made available as the WKWIB demonstrates a continued need for assistance.

The long-awaited grant is performed in collaboration with the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet.  A formal funding announcement will occur in the next few weeks.

The point of services for individuals is the “Career Solutions Community”, www.careersolutionscommunity.org,  reachable by phone at (270) 534-3914.